The Church sends condolences to the Family of Zorah Alli.

The Church sends condolences to the Family of Zorah Alli. Samshair’s Wife, Zorah Alli passed away on June 23, 2019 at the age of 89. Please pray for Samshair and his family.


My mother was born on September 8th 1930

as far as I can tell, from the historical stories as told by my father, my mother did not have a chance to go to academic standards. In her days under the British colonial jurisdictions practically all Indian children, especially females, did not have a chance of getting higher education. Much less primary.


     My mother was eventually adapted by a very generous woman from Grove Village East Bank Demerara.  Her name was Ramdai. So from child hood all my mother knew is that Ramdai was her mother, and all of us as her children knew that Ramdai was our grandmother aka Nannie. Conditions in then, British Guiana, were extremely hard. My father at a tender young age of 13 years old took on a virtually gratis employment with Ramdai. The agreement was since you do not know anything about store operations, you will have to pay a price of sweat and tears so you can become proficient and then maybe you will get pocket piece. My father been quite witty and cunning took on the challenge. During his apprenticeship he encountered a very special beautiful, milk like angel called Rookmin. A VERY SPECIAL BOND BEGAN TO FORM BETWEEN SAM, MY FATHER AND THE ANGEL ROOKMIN. IT grew in intensity and at a tender age of 16 my father got married to Rookmin, my mother.


               Seven children came forth form their marriage. Two passed away in infancy. And five remaining. The five you saw earlier. I remember growing along side my brothers and sisters. My mother would always give us full attention and very little for herself. She was always a kind and gentle mother. Extremely protective, and yes she new when to institute discipline

I suppose in her own ways she told us do not confuse my kindness with weakness. She protected her children with eyes of an eagle. I remember when, as a young boy I would want to go out with my friends and my mother would object. I never understood until I became a parent and had to exercise the same level of parental guidance. All she was concerned about was my safety and health.


               My mother immigrated to these United States on July 24th 1970. After a brief time apart she was reunited with my father. They started a new life in the United States. She began working at Cumberland Hospital on August 2nd 1970. After the City of New York closed Cumberland hospital she was transferred to Woodhull Hospital where she worked as a nurse clerk, until 1995 then retired.


              Three years after she migrated, my father and her bought their first house in the US. That was 1993.  Back in 1945, in their younger days together they built a small house in Guyana which we called home. So after years of being apart the Alli family was finally together again.

In that harmonious togetherness my mother carried a halo. Her face was always with a smile. She worked endlessly to make her family whole. She cooked the most delicious meals one could ever asked for.


             Around 2013 we began to see changes in my mother`s health. Eventually her medical condition deteriorated to such extent that she became completely bed ridden and totally dependent upon assistance. The lord and savior Jesus Christ call her home on June 23,2019 at 1pm. We know that her physical body has given up the sustenance to maintain life, as we know it. But her spirituality is still very much alive. Her legacy will live on forever.


Amen.     - Rayman Alli

December Schedule 2017

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